02 July 2014

The Ever Hanging Reading Slump
Hey Everyone!

Today's topic is reading slumps. Yes, that dreaded phrase I didn't think I would ever have to use. I am in the midst of one, I feel. The school year, I was having a fantastic reading stride, but when summer vacation hit and I could finally write again, the reading stopped. I think it's because I read so much in three months due to my job. I work in a library and when I have nothing to do, I read books.

So this is me telling you that if I am not on here updating reviews or anything, I am most likely writing. I promise. That is what I am going to be worrying about this summer I think, working on my writing. It is after all my goal to become a professional writer. So this is me taking a reading hiatus which I will be picking up after NaNoWriMo. I do have a book review to do this month, so I will have to read that and I will be posting a review. Keep an eye out for that!

Reading slumps suck majorly, why is it that they come when one has the most free time? Can it just disappear? I am like in that constant state of "I want to read this, but I really can't be arsed." So this is me being "can't be arsed" and not reading for a while and clearing it for a while. My slump is on real books mind you. I seem to love reading Wattpad lately, so maybe I'll write some reviews on those because some of them are really good!

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  1. When I go through a reading slump, sometimes I've found the best cure is to re-read an old favorite!