12 October 2014

The Mortal Instruments Back from the Dead?

Hey Everyone!

So I heard some news about one of my favorite book series, The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare.

As you know, the first book was made into a film starring Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins. Well, the film flopped. I watched the film and I thought it was a decent representation. I thought they could have done better, but I loved the casting. Magnus Bane is something else, but I liked the casting otherwise.

Well, good news fellow TMI fans! IT IS BEING MADE INTO A TELEVISION SERIES! 

I am so excited about this! I really hope that they at least keep Jamie. Jamie is one of my favorite actors and he deserves some nice recognition for his acting skills. I feel he is worthy of a role in the new TV Series. I don't know what company or channel this will be through, but as I hear more, I will update you!

Until Next Time


  1. FOR REALS????? OMG it would be an awesome TV series!!!! What network? Who are they casting? How did you find out????

    1. The announcement was just that it was going to be a TV show. The network isn't clear yet. The cast I hope some of them remain, but I am doubtful. There is an article online. Just type it into google.