24 April 2014

Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Allegiant by Veronica Roth is the last book in the Divergent trilogy. This book follows the points of view of both Beatrice "Tris" Prior and Tobias "Four" Eaton as they continue their conquest of getting freedom back.

In this book, we learn more about the back story of Tris's family such as Edith Prior who we learned about briefly at the end of Insurgent. The back story of her life was really interesting to learn about and made me feel that connection I have been wanting, but I quickly felt distanced due to the switching points of view.

I gave this book four cups of tea for a few reasons. One of the reasons was the switching points of view. Though I did enjoy how Roth wrote this, I am still not a fan of the points of view going back and forth. I felt lost at times not knowing who was narrating at times. I just like being in the know and having the consistency of the one character narrating it. The other reason was the ending, I know why Roth ended it like she did, but I grew so close to these characters that I just wish I had the sense of the happy ending.

I also felt like the chapters weren't as quality as the other books. They were sometimes a page long and I somehow didn't enjoy that. I like the simplicity of longer chapters with more depth. I do see that they started off longer and grew shorter as the book went on (was this purposeful?). 

All in all, I did think this was a good ending to a series, it was gut wrenching, but still fantastic nonetheless. I would recommend this book series to anyone who loves an action packed love story that takes place where things are not as they seem. Go check this out!

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