09 April 2014

Camp NaNoWriMo 2014 Week 2

Hey Everyone!

Week two of Camp NaNoWriMo has begun and well, I haven't written a word. I wrote about 44, I think, actually. After I finish writing this post, I will most definitely be writing (I PROMISE). I think it's due to me being so emotionally drained from school being back in full swing. That taste of freedom a few weeks ago was what set me like that. Then, the weather is beginning to warm up again and it makes me want to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

So let's answer these questions....

How are you feeling at the moment?
Not so good. I am about 3,000 words behind so it is a fair reason to be a little uneasy. I have some catching up to do! Why am I so drained? 

Did your story take any unexpected turns?
Yeah, no.

How is your plot coming?
Click here to see my response from last week....haha.

Favorite character to write thus far?
Jameson. Despite not having written about him yet, I just have had these ideas festering in my head about him and I can't wait to insert him into the novel again. He's like my baby.

Anything you wish you could change?
My writing habits.

Current word count?
I am not even going to put this here because I am so ashamed of it....1695

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