08 January 2014

Reflected in You by Sylvia Day

Title: Reflected in You (Crossfire #2)
Author: Sylvia Day
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Published: October 23, 2012

Pages: 338 pgs.
Own it?: Yes, paperback
Genre: Mature Adult/Erotica
Goodreads: Click here

Cups of Tea: 4 cups

Hey Everyone,

This is the continuation of the last book review I did. I rated this one, yet again, four stars. Don't get me wrong, I adored this book as well, but I felt that it was lacking in some areas. 

The thing I felt it lacked was a climactic point. I felt that at the end of the story, we were thrown this curve ball that left me like, "What? What just happened?" I felt she could have built it up because it wasn't really foreseen and there was no inevitable problem. It was just very anti-climactic.

The sex in the book was great as always, and this story showed a lot of improvement in the characters and the fact that they were willing to do something that helped their relationship. They were willing to go to couples therapy and it showed a lot about both characters. The shrink says something that becomes important and I honestly forgot about it for a good majority of the book.

This book, I felt, was almost necessary because it strengthened Eva and Gideon's relationship. It shows that they are willing to do anything it takes. I typically don't read mature adult, but if more books out there are like this one, I am more than willing to pick them up. These two characters just show there is more than an overly sappy first love relationship. I will continue to rave about this book on the next review for Entwined in You

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