02 January 2014

Reflection Time: December 2013

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Hey Everyone!

So this month started off as the most stressful month ever. I think at the beginning of the month, I was just ready for Christmas break. The third day of the month, though! I was supposed to present a debate, but my partner and I did the wrong side (it was a confusing topic), I was under the weather, and I almost got hit by a car who saw me. Yeah.... what a lovely way to start of December.

I also had finals this month. It was an exceptionally stressful time and I have never felt more stressed in my life. I felt the need to suck on my tea whenever I could and watch Supernatural and not do homework. I also found myself worrying that I could not be in school because of my Spanish grade (as of writing this on the 11th...this part anyways... I didn't know my score). I also found myself wanting to go more into trying to get published. Yeah... STRESSING!

My roommate, Hannah, and I exchanged gifts and I giggled like crazy when I opened mine. She had gotten me a target bag full of One Direction things. Magnets, tape, a notebook, dry erase boards, stickers, and a pen and pencil. I couldn't help but laugh because she knows me too well, I gotta love my boys. She doesn't even like One Direction much, but she still put their stickers (with their faces) on the back of her phone.

When we went home for Christmas, I was so relieved and... life is good. I was just excited to gloat to my siblings about not having school when they did. I was most excited to spend time with my family over the holidays and get the books I had been wanting.

I also finished one of my stories, so that was exciting. My goal was to finish it by the 31st and I did it! I finished it by the 31st! I was close to tears when it was over, I didn't have a clue what to do with myself because I started it last January!

How were your holidays? Did you get whatever it is you wanted for Christmas?

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