07 January 2014

Top Ten Bookish Resolutions - Top Ten Tuesday

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Hey Everyone,

So I was going to do something like this, and what perfect timing this Top Ten Tuesday had! I have so many reading related resolutions that I want to do in 2014. 

Read more than 50 books. Last year, I read 37 and that is only because my goal was 30 and I had a slow start to my reading year. Therefore, this year on goodreads, my goal is to hit 50 books.

Read classics. I admit, I am the person to only read classics when I have been told to read them. I have purchased five or six classics and will be reading them.

Blog about book reviews more. I admit, I don't do book reviews as much and am still getting the hang of things in book review world, so I want to better my reviews and get the hang of things.

Read whenever I don't have a lot going on. My problem last year (namely September through December) was that I spent too much time cramming reading in that I forgot to study sometimes. I'm changing that, though. I want to read more on the weekends and study more during the week. Yep, that is what I am doing.

Be more critical of the books I'm reading. I find that I will love a book for what it's worth and appreciate it no matter how bad the writing is. I want to be more harsh and more critical.

Ignore reviews when buying a book. If I see a book that I want, I want to not care what other people have thought and just focus on what books I want. I've done this already, but I want to not look at the ratings and reviews until after I read the book.

Read more debuts and new releases. I was a little behind on the John Green, Cassandra Clare, and the Kiera Cass bandwagon's so I want to get on the new releases that are most anticipated quickly. I am still catching up from 2013!

Happy New Year!
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  1. I love that you want to be more critical in your reviews. I do nitpick sometimes, but I can't stand when bloggers totally overlook awful writing and rate something 5 stars when it clearly doesn't deserve that. I think its great! Good luck on all of your goals!!

    Amanda @ i solemnly swear

    1. Thank you! I know what you mean and I find that I do that myself. I think my lowest rating was a two or a three, never a one. Thanks, you too!

  2. Have you tried audiobooks? Maybe they can help with your reading moments. I love those walks with just listening to some book or working out.

    1. No, but maybe I will try some this year!