11 January 2014

What Should I Use Instead of Goodreads?

Hey Everyone!

So I thought I would post a discussion-like post. I wanted to find some websites that could find me some books instead of goodreads. Why? Because I hate surfing through listopia for hours to search for Friday Finds and just for books in general. So here is a list, and my thoughts on each one. Enjoy, and feel free to leave sites you found as well!

What Should I Read Next?
This website, I found, is relatively easy to use. You just type the title or the author in the search bar and it will bring you to a list of books. You just click info/buy and it will bring you to It's a nice site and it gives good suggestions. Sometimes, they'll bring you right to the Bargain buys.

Your Next Read
This website is great. You type the author or name of a book and you click on a book. Then, once you've selected a book, it will give you a map of books like it. It's neat.

I couldn't find many that aren't unknown, but these are ones I found! Let me know of any others you found!

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