14 October 2013

50 Facts About Me

Hello everyone!

My name is Amanda and I decided to start up this blog because I absolutely love reading! I decided that since my family found out about my old Booktube Account on YouTube, I needed something a little more anonymous than that! I have privated all my videos.

I wanted to make this post for you all to get to know me a little better. Here are 50 facts about me!

  1. I am a fast reader
  2. I am a freshman college student
  3. I can read 12+ books a month if I apply myself to it
  4. I am obsessed with Yorkshire Tea
  5. I may live in America, but I want to move to England.
  6. I want to be a published writer one day
  7. I am currently working on something inspired by one of my favorite TV Shows
  8. My Favorite TV show is Big Brother (as of this moment)
  9. One of my college instructors is my cousin.
  10. The reason I wanted to be a writer is because of J.K. Rowling
  11. My new favorite writers are John Green and Cassandra Clare
  12. I have an obsession with buying things off of Book Depository and Amazon
  13. My roommate and I got along easier than expected.
  14. I absolutely love One Direction.
  15. I don't have a smartphone. 
  16. I use a PC, but hate it.
  17. I am a really messy person.
  18. I can kind of crochet
  19. I am not a big fan of chocolate.
  20. I don't rely on my cell phone.
  21. I live in a dorm room
  22. I hate wearing my contacts so I just wear my glasses
  23. I also love the Jonas Brothers
  24. I never cry, but I cried at the Glee episode where they said goodbye to Finn
  25. In high school, I was on the school's newspaper.
  26. When I lived at home, I did all the laundry for all six people.
  27. I loved Iced Tea Lemon but absolutely hate Peach Iced Tea
  28. If I could marry a celebrity, I choose Harry Styles.
  29. I have only had Starbuck's three times in my life.
  30. I hate coffee.
  31. I am never mean towards people.
  32. My grandma was my best friend, it broke my heart when she passed away.
  33. I missed two and a half weeks of school my junior year because of family members funerals.
  34. I've had my ears pierced twice, but they closed both times.
  35. I have never had a boyfriend.
  36. I have never drank or smoked
  37. I am rarely stressed, but when I am, the flood arrives.
  38. I have three younger siblings.
  39. I own a fish who lives in a bladeless and not working blender.
  40. I dream of having a huge bookshelf.
  41. My favorite films are the Harry Potter films.
  42. I am obsessed with writing.
  43. My favorite stand alone book is John Green's Looking For Alaska 
  44. I love baking
  45. When I answer "Favorite food" I always answer Yorkshire Tea
  46. I plan on studying abroad my junior year of college.
  47. One of my best friends lives in Scotland
  48. One of my favorite seasons is Autumn.
  49. My favorite teacher in high school was my Environmental Science teacher.
  50. In high school, and now college, my home is the library. I work in the library.

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