31 October 2013

Thoughts On: City of Fallen Angels

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It's time for yet another Mortal Instruments review. This time, it is for the fourth book City of Fallen Angels. I finished this book in about three sittings (over the span of about five days).

This book was so different from the first three books in the series. I felt that this was didn't have a clear sense of direction just because all of what had been building up had been resolved (for the most part) in the third book, City of Glass. Don't get me wrong, I loved this book and the whole series, but I don't think it was the best of the series thus far.

One thing I felt that Cassandra Clare could have done was drag on Valentine and Sebastian/Jonathon's lives instead of killing them off in the third book. Though, if she kept Valentine, it would resemble J.K. Rowling's infamous series a bit. Clare had a large potential with this book and she took some risks with Jace's character though I wish she did different with him.

Clary and Jace are finally able to be together in a romantic way in this book and I wish she took up on that more than she did. I felt as if she just was like, "Yeah, cool... we're casually seeing each other." I wish there was more romance because in the previous books they were driven by the sexual tension and then it just disappears. I didn't get it.

The humor though was incredible. The photo featured in this post is one of the lines she has Jace say. It cracked me up when that happened and I had to include it in this post. It was just a too perfect line.

DISCLAIMER: I am not purposefully bashing Cassandra Clare or her Mortal Instruments series. I am simply just stating my opinions on the book. Hence the purpose of a review.

I gave it four stars because of the faults that I felt were there. Other than that, it was a very good book!

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