31 October 2013

Reflection Time: October

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Hey Everyone!

I thought that I would do something I like to call a monthly reflection. I guess since I am sharing all of my thoughts on amazing books that I would also give an insight into my own life as well.

This month has been absolutely incredible. I went home every single weekend this month and it was great just to be able to sleep in my own bed. I also got to know my roommate even better and she has become one of my closest friends.

School wise, this month has begun to grow to be a very stressful time for me just because I've never had pressures like the ones I have here. It's absolutely overwhelming with the sudden life changes like college. I also don't know what to think of my future because I fear that I have some sort of test anxiety that prevents me from doing incredibly well on any exam. I don't know, is it me just being paranoid.

High wise, I got the most incredible writing idea from watching the UK version of Big Brother and I am adjusting it to fit my writing style and such. I'm excited to hopefully share this with you one day. I am so antsy to start writing it tomorrow when NaNoWriMo begins.

Low wise, I would have to say the pressures of being a college student and my surprising allergic reaction. On Monday, I ended up going to a nurse practitioner here on my campus and she diagnosed me with something called Ucaria which is basically an allergic reaction to something unknown. Needless to say, I found out it's from the fabric softener or something I wash my clothes in. My parents still have not brought my the new stuff... I think my Dad forgot. It was scary because my throat was starting to close! Yikes!

Today, I have work and I also started the infamous Christmas shopping season! I have one sibling done. I hope my sister likes the book I got her as well as the super awesome book mark!

I hope you liked the short snippet into my life, I enjoyed writing it!

Until Next Time,

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