01 November 2013

Finding Books Similar to Other Ones

Hey Everyone!

So today, in the midst of writing a novel, I stumbled upon a really cool website! It is a website where you type in an author or a book title and it will spew out a list of books just like it, or similar.

The website splits it by language, story, and characters to match up the book you chose to be paired with other books of similarity. If you type in a book that is part of a series (ie The Mortal Instruments or Harry Potter) you will get the other five or six books in the series as well as their paired others.

I think it's really cool how you say you really like a specific book and with this website, you can find books similar to it. I think I will be using this website to find a good book to buy! I can't wait to utilize it once I finish reading all the other books I haven't read.

Check it out:
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