25 November 2013

Thoughts On: Where We Are by One Direction

Hey Everyone!

Since today is the release of Midnight Memories, One Direction's third studio album, I thought I would do a review of their book that came out back at the end of August. I held off for today!

The book was penned by Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson, all of the X Factor made band put together by Simon Cowell in 2010. This is their second book next to Dare to Dream: Life as One Direction.

The book is separated into five different chapters all penned by each of the boys. They were clearly written by the boys since each of them seem to have a very different speaking style and reflect on their own thoughts. I know this seems weird and biased as I am a fan, but you could see their personalities in the writing.

From what I can tell, the best writers of the group are Zayn and Harry due to the fact that they seem to be the best developed and from the last book, I could tell this as well. Liam most likely had plenty of editing to his as his spelling is absolutely atrocious on Twitter!

This is a book for any fan! You really get to know the boys in this book and I think it's so interesting to see what it's like to be the five of them. They have achieved so much in the past three, almost four, years that it might seem hard to comprehend how much success they have had. I normally don't read band books, but I couldn't help but pick this book up as I love the boys and am so proud of how far they have come.

Many people seem to misjudge them because of what they appear to be to the public eye, but there is so much to each of them. Everything they do, they do for their fans. They are so gracious for every one of their fans. Heck, they even did an eight hour live stream on YouTube for the fans. I see them lasting a long time.

Their new album is filled with a lot of eighties types of beats. It's a good album, definitely their best yet. I'll post a song at the bottom for you to listen to. One of my favorites which is only available on the deluxe edition of Midnight Memories.

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