03 November 2013

Thoughts On: City of Lost Souls

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So today I bring you the review for City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare. I had been intending to write this for a few days, but have been putting this off as I was watching movies and doing NaNoWriMo (check the sidebar for my status).

I felt like CoLS was like 1,000X better than it's previous book. I loved how it solved the random return of Sebastian. I felt like Clary was torn about which direction she should be going in whether she should stay true to the institute or stay true to Jace. Obviously, you can probably guess which one Clary chose.

I felt that this was a very strong book in the series because it has a lot of humor and a lot of strong story points. My favorite parts of the series, one of them, was in this book between Clary and Jace. We also learn more about Jace as he was taken over by Sebastian.

The epilogue was by far my favorite part of the entire book. I was honestly expecting a marriage proposal by Jace Lightwood, but alas, we shall wait and see what the next book (191 days and 11 hours for the record). I think I am most excited to see where this last book goes. My main hope for the final book in The Mortal Instruments Series is that it is focused around Clary and Jace because, in the end, the book is about them and their undying love for each other. The book will probably have something with Sebastian who is on the run and he will most likely be killed (just being honest here).

I give this story five cups of tea because it kept on my toes and wanting more and more. I just couldn't put this book down, I finished it in about a day. I loved this book so much and will probably read anything with Cassandra Clare's name on it.

If you want to learn more about the Shadowhunter world and have read The Infernal Devices and The Mortal Instruments I suggest you go buy the infamous Shadowhunter's Codex. It was available for purchase this past Tuesday and I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the books. I will post a full review on this book when I read it and receive it. Note: don't buy the Kindle version, many of the bad reviews were from there because the fonts (the handwriting ones) were not easy to read.

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