19 October 2013

Thoughts On: City of Ashes

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So today's review is for Cassandra Clare's City of Ashes. I started this book on Thursday because it was the first chance I got to sit down and read it. Though, I was at work when I began reading the book, but that is where I read much of the first book as well.

This book, I felt, started out rather slow and it took me a little bit to get into, but I loved it nonetheless. I thought it was so interesting and I love Clare's little hints of humor throughout the book. For example, in one of the later chapters Luke presents Clary with a pamphlet for Simon that is called How to Come Out to Your Parents (No, I am not telling you if Simon is gay or not). 

I loved how well this part of the series moved because I felt as if it was moved perfectly and I loved the language she uses in the novel. I have read many different things regarding Cassandra Clare's use of similes on almost "every single page." However, I didn't seem to notice because I was just sucked into the whole world and the story. I absolutely adored it.

The ending, though. If you read this book, how many of you wanted to throw the book at the wall because of the ending and the major cliffhanger? I was so mad that she introduced that part and then just ended the book like that. Luckily, I had purchased the third book on Thursday and the fourth on Friday. So I have to wait until Monday to get the book. 

It was a fantastic second book to a series I have quickly grown to fall in love with. I honestly cannot wait until I finish the rest of the books and pre-order the sixth book! As of right now, this is one of my favorite series following Harry Potter.

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City of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments, #2)

I give this book five cups of tea because honestly, I couldn't put this book down from the moment I got it. I had to read it and read it fast. I'm still a little weary on the brother/sister thing between Clary and Jace. I do not think they are brother and sister because that physical attraction just does not happen between siblings even if they didn't know. I honestly think Valentine is lying about their blood relation. I am starting to think the Inquisitor may be related to Jace. Who knows, we will find out in City of Glass, won't we?

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