16 October 2013

Goals for the End of the Year

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Hey everyone!

So I was thinking about all the books I still have to read and I have a list of books I still want to read before the end of the year/want to buy. I am determined to finish my 30 book goal for 2013. I have four books left until I finish and this makes me so happy!

In 2012, I had a goal of reading 60 books in a year. Now, I wasn't as into books as I am now. I would pick up a book if it looked good, but I didn't have any aspiration to be like, "Yeah! I am going to read like three to four books a month!" Me in 2013, though, I wanted to read as much as I can and I have accomplished this thus far. In June alone, I read 13 books and I am amazed that I read that much in a month. Never have I read that much before.

Books I Want to Read Before 2014:
-City of Ashes (currently reading).
-City of Glass*
-City of Fallen Angels*
-City of Lost Souls*
-City of Heavenly Fire*

* Still have to buy

This is five books so that rounds me out to 31 books estimated for the end of the year! Hopefully I will finish The Mortal Instruments to round out my year!

Until next time,

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