15 October 2013

How To: Choose the Perfect Book

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Hey everyone!

I decided that I ought to do a post on finding that "perfect" book to read. I know I have troubles finding a really good book to read when I am absolutely craving something to read.

One of the ways is to pick up the Sunday issue of The New York Times or go on their website and search through the bestsellers. I think this is a great resource that the US puts out to show what are some really good series, Young Adult novels, etc. I look forward to seeing what new books end up on there.

Another way to find books is to go on YouTube and type in "BookTube" which is a small community within the YouTube community that specifically talk about books that they like. If you really enjoy Young Adult books, like myself, this is a really good resource. I have learned about so many books via this resource that I probably never would have picked up if it weren't for them. One of the best ones is Katytastic, she is funny and always talks about books.

Goodreads is the obvious place, but I wouldn't just search for a book. I would try to befriend a lot of people to get a grasp of what they are also reading. It's really interesting to read their reviews. Along with Goodreads, I would suggest going on the best selling option on Amazon. I spend so much time on Amazon searching through the book section and adding to my ever growing Wishlist. You can also do this on Book Depository but they are sometimes slow with delivering your book. I recommend this website if you want a different cover of a book rather than the one you already own.

A final way to find that perfect book is to go on google and type in "Young Adult Blogs" and if you're also on blogger, you can follow those blogs. I have yet to follow any blogs apart from Sprinkleofglitter (a make-up person from YouTube) but I will let you know some of my favorites!

Till next time!

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